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Hello! I am Tara; part-time hygienist and full-time mama.  I have been in the dentistry world for 17 years; 10 of that as a hygienist (or hy-GENIUS, which, I prefer!). I have worked in all kinds of different dental offices; a cosmetic office; a large “corporate” office which had a pedodontist, periodontist, and orthodontist; and a general dental office.  I have seen a lot different mouths.

I decided to start this blog for a few reasons.  Firstly, after seeing several “scientific” articles (and I use the term scientific loosely) circulating the internet that were just plain wrong (yes not everything on the internet is true!! I couldn’t believe it either.) I felt the need to tell the truth.

In addition to wrong information on the internet (still can’t believe that!!) I kept getting the same questions from my patients and kept hearing “no one has ever told me that before” one too many times. Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to start reversing the evil trend of mis-information on the internet- at least within the dental realm…one blog post at a time.. WE CAN RE-WRITE HISTORY!! (well maybe not but I can at least answer your questions and give useful insight into the world of dental care and teeth).  Be sure to read my disclaimer before getting started.

When the gloves and lab coat off; I am just Mama to two little girls and a wife to my husband (who is the most interesting man in the word; at least my friends think so..).  We live in the Atlanta, GA area with our dog Brutus.  Brutus is trained in Dutch (note: no one here speaks Dutch so..) but I have been known to speak “French” to him as he runs off and I have to chase after him (in my pajamas at 5:00 in the morning I might add!! ).  But I digress, I usually spend my days doing the usual mommy stuff (running kids, cleaning up after kids, breaking up fights between kids, pulling my hair out) or working.  When I am finished doing all that, (as if I do not have enough to do already!) I enjoy reading, doing DIY projects, and working in the yard.

I am here for you!  Please read through my posts and if you don’t see what you are looking for, write me!


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